MacBook screen replacement

The laptop's weakest link is the relatively high probability for it to fall and break. The moment when a laptop falls, is the moment you realize that you are going to pick it up, to find it broken or damaged. Cracked screen may be just a cracked screen, however, those cracks can often damage operating the laptop, with a screen that does not respond at all

If the screen is damaged, it is likely that the entire screen is broken. In such a case, it is important to contact Agas Nagus immediately. We perform screen replacement so that you will be able to use your laptop again, in no time

?If my laptop fell, could other components be damaged

In cases where there is a need to replace the screen, it is recommended to perform a general check of your laptop as sometimes small components are damaged. In any case, a general repair is performed only after having our customer's approval for such a repair

So what if the laptop is slightly cracked? I can still work with it

While you are working with a broken or damaged laptop, it surely affects your user experience. When the screen is broken or damaged, simple, daily tasks cannot ideally be performed

Apple's computers are usually used by advertising and design firms, musicians, and photographers. The screen is an inseparable part of their everyday usage, and when the screen is damaged many tasks cannot be accomplished. It should also be noticed that a broken or damaged screen may badly affect your professional reputation while having it with you on your business appointments

Furthermore, if you are using a laptop with a cracked screen, you should notice that every time you open or close your laptop you take a risk that your laptop will collapse. Cracked screen cannot serve you well and it is dangerous to work with a screen that can, at any time, fall into little pieces of broken glass

Replacing Retina screens at Agas Nagus

If you have an Apple computer with a Retina screen, you should know that we, at Agas Nagus, can provide you with a full professional service! Although a broken screen is an unpleasant sight, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be properly replaced. We'll be delighted to pick up your computer, check it in a lab, provide you with a detailed quote and proceed after your approval

Although what many tend to think, replacing a Retina screen doesn’t always take forever and sometimes we may be able to finish with the repair within only 20 minutes

Since your time is important to us, we will inform you regarding the expected repair time frame, when picking up your laptop. This kind of expectation matching will make you more satisfied and enable you to plan your timetables until the computer is back from its repair, fully functioning

What does 15 years of experience mean

We, at Agas Nagus, serve business and private clients. We enjoy providing services, and the smile on a satisfied customer's face is a big deal to us. It is well known that people are dependent on their computer – without computers, people cannot run their small or large business, service clients and have a good internal organization communication. We understand this great importance and therefore perform each repair, under thorough, meticulous, and strict standards

We have extensive experience, especially with Apple computers' repair. We guarantee kind and patient service

Furthermore, we are happy to offer affordable prices for the students that use these computers, as well as associations

!For a screen replacement quote, contact us today