MacBook keyboard replacement

All MacBook owners know how strong and efficient the computer can be, as these computers are known for their quality and abilities, although being very elegant and thin. These computers can satisfy most needs of most average users

MacBook became one of the most demanded laptops in Israel and worldwide, as the ability to use a thin and elegant computer makes it more commercial and more users enjoy the advantages that only the MacBook can offer

As to the MacBook specification, most design include important features such as

Bluetooth connectivity-

Wireless networks finder-

Built-in battery that is suitable for about 10 working hours-

USB Type-C connectors And many other features that upgrade user experience

Among Apple's upgrades and innovations in its devices, it also uses the new technology of the Butterfly Keyboard mechanism, which makes pressing the keys a perfect experience including ultra-quiet typing

:Common keyboard malfunctions

The keyboard is one of the most used components on our device. Using a keyboard that does not function well, can seriously damage both user experience and moreover, the expected work's outcomes

There are some common keyboard malfunctions, you may have met already

5 most common keyboard malfunctions

a. Specific keys don’t work

b. Keyboard does not response

c. Keys are too sensible (or not enough)

e. Backlit problems

d. No matching between typing and screen

Although some malfunctions can easily be supported and repaired, the daily use of our keyboard in all sorts of working environments, may cause the need to have a more thorough check of the keyboard and its proper functioning, in a professional lab

This is what you should know about the computer's specifications

As to the keyboard, it is a backlit keyboard, which makes it very useful! In general, MacBook has all you need for continuous and long-lasting work. A strong processor, Trackpad (very convenient touch pad) high resolution screen and other smart parts and components. All these make this laptop to one of the best

The MacBook became popular due to its ability to provide whatever is needed for efficient work and convenient and attractive use, as this luxury computer suitable for people that work in various areas

People using this laptop can work and perform administrative tasks as well as working with heavy workloads such as graphic artists, designers, engineers, and other professionals

A keyboard that had been damaged from humidity, water, heat or cold, improper use and others, should have a professional repair. Although its many advantages such as great speakers, excellent visuality and a brilliant touch bar, this laptop may need some occasional repairs

?How to choose a good lab for Mac keyboard repair

Whether you have a MacBook, or any other design, a good lab with skilled professionals should be chosen

Agas Nagus is a lab that specializes in keyboard repair and an expert in providing spare parts for Apple devices

We have a wide range of services, we perform fast troubleshooting, device's pick-up and return services (from anywhere), so you will be able to perfectly work with your device shortly

:In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also provide:

a. Efficient service and repair's warranty

b. Specializes in repairing MacBook and its different designs

c. Pick-up and courier services (from anywhere)

d. Affordable quotes

e. On-going customer updates regarding the malfunction, repair, and costs

f. Fast service

In conclusion, Apple has almost annual launches of newer versions and designs of laptops and desktops, for example: Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook, and others. Along the years, the manufacturing of these devices became more and more efficient which enables working with these computers in any working environment

Choosing a lab that can handle any of your laptop's malfunctions, will help you enjoy good and efficient repair, affordable prices and upgrade your laptop when needed

Agas Nagus's lab's team include Macintosh support staff, engineers, Mac technicians and managers who are Apple and Mac repair specialists