MacBook battery replacement

If you are a MacBook owner, you probably know already, that although it is one of Apple's finest devices, sometimes, malfunctions may occur. Those who choose this kind of computer, will enjoy a great design, high abilities, and many other Apple products' advantages

These days, many people are working both from home and from the business, or the local cafe and therefore choose a laptop that they can easily carry from one place to another. Apple offers ultra-thin laptops, and yet, sometimes, malfunctions such as un-charging battery, charging circuits that are not fully functioning and many other malfunctions that may occur using any laptop, may damage performing all the tasks we use our computer for

Many choose different MacBook designs, from ones that are suited for administrative tasks to those who are suited for musicians, graphic designers, architects etc

Things you got to know about batteries

Battery is a component that generates electricity in direct current, to operate other components. The battery is made from electric cells that are adjusted to the battery's size

Today, many batteries are operated by electrochemical cells that can produce electricity and operate electronic products. Among the different products, there are the battery-operated laptops, using a battery that needs to be recharged

All there is to know about replacing a MacBook battery

MacBook computers are considered as the best computers available. There are different designs for different uses: for work, performing student tasks or leisure. You can enjoy a thin laptop with a convenient operating system, strong Intel processor, touchpad – Trackpad easy to use, as well as other components that together provide both quality and practical use

Like with any other battery-operated devices, that work for hours, the battery's life will come to its end. Malfunctions such as contacts malfunctions, mother-board malfunctions, humidity, or heat (and other) may weaken the battery and cause the computer to malfunction

What should be done in case of a mis-functioning battery?

In such a case, you should choose a professional lab that handles Apple's products, while being a MacBook specialist is extremely important

When choosing the professionals to handle your battery or computer, you should notice that Agas Nagus's lab has the qualified professionals to perform any MacBook design battery repair or replacement. Thanks to choosing the professionals that are specialists with Apple's products' repair – you can easily go back to normal

?How can I maintain my battery

All batteries have a limited charging cycle, with a limited number of recharges. Therefore, many people need a new battery for their MacBook and for other recharging devices.  Here (on Apple's support page), you can see the limited recharges for each and every design

You should know, however, that there are ways to maintain your MacBook battery (or any other laptop's battery) by few simple actions such as

Keeping the right temperature and humidity

Make sure you don’t expose your laptop to heat, or to leave it in hot places. It is not recommended, for example, to leave your laptop in your car. A laptop should be kept at 10 to 35 Celsius and the humidity should be between 0% and 95%

While working, use only the applications you (really) need

Try to avoid leaving unnecessary programs and applications running, while working with others. This will help your battery work more efficiently

These are the reasons why you want Agas Nagus to handle your MacBook battery's repair or replacement

If you need a battery repair or replacement, or to replace any other kind of component, for laptops such as MacBook, we, Agas Nagus lab, specialize in Apple computers repair and spare parts. The lab provides MacBook services such as repair services, battery replacement and other parts' replacement

We are a reliable lab that can provide you with a fast diagnosis of the malfunction, pick up and return your laptop from anywhere, and provide you professional services at affordable prices

By doing so, you will be able to once again, seamlessly recharge your laptop and work with all Apple computers such as MacBook and its different designs and versions with no problems at all