Mac repair

A successful Mac repair is being executed by the specialists

Apple manufacturers and develops a variety of electronic products and software. Among its best sellers and most prestige products are the iPhone and the MacBook series that are considered as its premium products and their prices are significantly higher than most of the other products in the same category, and therefore, their repair costs as well, usually due to spare parts' costs.

Get your MacBook repaired, and rest assured it is carefully handled

Our MacBook technicians constantly develop new and advanced methods for MacBook repair so you will get the best service. We offer high-quality services and competitive prices. When our lab handles your MacBook, you can rest assured both the computer and the data it stores are carefully handled and will return to you as good as new

Apple's computer repair as you never known before

There are fundamental differences between the tools, files' systems and operating systems of Mac computers and PC's. Not all technicians have the knowledge and ability to repair a Mac, just as not all labs have the suitable equipment for such repairs, nor the skills. Therefore, the Mac is recommended to be repaired by Apple computers' specialists

We gained more than 15 years of experience, handling Mac computers and we know how to handle all designs and versions, even previous ones, as well as all types of malfunctions

Fast troubleshooting and handling both simple and complicated malfunctions

The source of a problem is not always easy to indicate and, in some cases, (such as: the Mac doesn’t turn on, it works slowly, working irregularly, inability to access files, and more) the indications cannot really indicate which of the components is damaged

There are many computers' lab but only a few specialize solely in Macs. Improper handling of malfunctions may cause a lot of damage, especially in connection with handling complicated malfunctions (such as hard disc damage, data restore, operating systems' malfunctions, ransomware, etc.) that require the appropriate knowledge, experience, and skills

What should be known about Mac when repairing such a computer

Mac is a computer developed by Apple, which is well-known for its useful and quality electronic products. Almost once a year Apple launches upgraded laptops and desktops versions

Despite its quality and fine finish, Apple's Mac computers are not malfunction free. It is important to notice that Mac repair is not an easy task to perform and should be performed by an Apple experienced lab

Differences between PCs and Mac computers




Broken screen, hard disc malfunctions, corrosion damages, charging problems, Mac doesn’t turn on

Computer doesn’t turn on, operating system's file not found, screen malfunctions, etc.

Common malfunctions

In some cases, repair cost can be twice as expensive than a PC repair. The right lab can reduce MacBook repair costs

In most cases the repair costs are low

Repair costs

Mac computers are considered more reliable

More often

Malfunctions' frequency

Few labs for physical repairs

Many labs

Number of labs in this field

How can a Mac be repaired

Like with many other good and useful things, sometimes malfunctions may occur and there is a need for help with having the computer operated, or Mac computers' repair, which require professional Mac lab that handles a variety of malfunctions such as: keyboard, screen, and microphone malfunctions, as well as computer installed camera malfunctions, battery malfunctions and many more

It is important to choose a professional lab that specializes in Mac computers' repair that will assist you with having your computer back to full functioning

Mac repair with Apple computers specialists' technicians' team

Agas Nagus's technicians' team has been handling Apple computers for the last 15 years. The lab can perform all kind of repairs, including complicated data restore problems. All lab's professionals are properly qualified, for providing customer with the best service possible. We perform all Apple devices' repair, including MacBook repair, Mac repair, iPad repair, and iPhone repair

We handle these devices (and many others)

a. Mac

b. MacBook Air

c. MacBook Pro

d. iMac

e. iMac Pro

f. Mac Mini

g. MacBook Pro Retina

h. MacBook Pro with touch bar

We provide these repair and services (and many others)

a. Battery replacement and repairing charging circuits

b. Immediate diagnostic

c. Keyboard replacement

d. Handling cooling systems

e. Screen card replacement

f. Liquids and corrosion removal

g. Motherboard repair

Our technicians pay attention to some important stages while repairing a Mac

Correct and accurate diagnosis of the malfunction

We will perform fast troubleshooting and malfunction diagnosis and contact you, indicating what is wrong with your device and how it should be repaired

Affordable quotes

After having the accurate diagnosis, we will provide you with a quote. Our quotes are usually very affordable

Spare parts

It is true that we offer Mac spare parts. We have an available spare parts inventory that keeps Mac computers well operated. In a case when cost reduction should be done, we may offer used parts, if available


Good, reliable service is an integral part of the dynamic with our customers

In conclusion

If your Mac does not work properly, works slowly, or does not work at all, it is highly recommended to contact Agas Nagus' specialists for a useful and professional repair

It is recommended to conduct a market survey between labs that offer the services, while remembering that choosing a recommended lab, will enable you to have a well operating computer and productive work as well as fun, in any area you use it for