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If you have an Apple iPad device, you better know these Agas Negus's tips for how to overcome the 2 most common iPad malfunctions

Have you ever wondered if you are truly satisfied with your Apple devices, such as iPhone or iPad? Recent research shows that 83% of Apple device owners are satisfied with their device. However, even the iPad has some problems that users should know how to face

Agas Nagus Lab is the leading lab for all Apple devices such as: iPhones, iPads, Mac computers etc. with 15 years of experience and Apple devices specialism, we offer the most quality and professional repair services

?What are the 2 most common iPad malfunctions and how to fix them

 IPad applications shut down spontaneously

It happens that the application we are using, spontaneously shuts down

This is what you should do, step by step

a. Shut down all running applications on your iPad device

b. Delete the application at which the malfunction occurred

c. Re-install the application and check if the malfunction re-occurs

If the malfunction was not resolved and you want it to have a thorough inspection, you may approach Agas Nagus lab, and we will perform a free diagnostic inspection

iPad does not connect to WiFi

iPads usually work seamlessly, although sometimes your iPad will find it hard to connect to Wi-Fi

This is what you should do, step by step

a. Check your device's Wi-Fi settings and make sure your iPad can recognize the networks around and yours specifically. If you are near a router and your iPad does not recognize it, try to restart the router

b. The next step is to turn off your iPad device. This may help restart processes that are iPad processor related

?Is your iPad device still not connected

c. Try to make sure that the problem is not with a specific network and try to connect to a different network. Another way to determine whether the network is the problem, is to try and connect the same network with a different device

Let Agas Nagus's specialist connect your iPad device. If you still have problems with your device, contact us

:Another 10 common iPad malfunctions that our lab can resolve

Replacing iPad touch screen

The iPad touch screen is separated from the display screen and when the touch screen is defected or broken, there is not necessarily a need to replace the display screen as well. When such a complicated and precise repair should be performed, there is a need for

a. Special equipment for precise repair

b. Technicians with proper qualifications

Agas Nagus lab can replace the touch screen without replacing the display screen, which will significantly reduce repair costs

Replacing iPad touch and LCD screen

An LCD screen is a fragile component that can easily be cracked or broken. In such cases the replacing of the entire front of the device may be required (replacing both touch and LCD screens). The screens will be replaced with high-quality spare parts with the same features as the originals

Replacing iPad battery

The battery life is getting shorter as we use it, and sometimes should be replaced. Such a repair, as many others, should be carried out carefully, and requires advanced equipment and skillful team

Agas Nagus lab has both the qualified iPad technicians and the suitable equipment to replace the battery without having other components influenced

Replacing iPad charging socket

Using non-genuine chargers may harm the charging socket. It is, therefore, recommended to buy original charges from an iPad repair lab. This may help you to avoid any harm or need to replace a charging socket

In Agas Nagus lab you will find a charger which is identical to the previous one

Replacing iPad earphone connector

Connectors' malfunctions are usually caused by improper use when the plug is bent while using the earphones or when carelessly with our other belongings. If a connector makes noise or does not make any sound at all, it should probably be replaced

Replacing iPad camera

Camera issues affect many of the daily iPad uses. Malfunctions usually occur due to a device that was somehow damaged. However, sometimes it may be a manufacturing defect that will arise the need to approach the assistance of professional lab services. Installing a new camera will surely maximize the user's experience with the device

Repairing iPad home button

When the home button does not work properly, the IPad use is extremely affected. After getting your device repaired by Agas Nagus's skillful iPad technicians, you will be able to use and enjoy it again

Repairing iPad power and lock button

Operating buttons' malfunctions cause inconvenience for daily users, as this malfunction prevents from turning the device on or off. Replacing the power button will get your device properly operated again

Repairing iPad volume buttons

When the volume buttons don’t work properly, the user needs to adjust the volume using the operating system. After the buttons are replaced, the device will have its full performance again

Repairing all sorts of iOS malfunctions

If the iPad is slowly operating, it may be required to format the device and reinstall the iOS. If you want to make sure you have all your data backed-up and restored, it is recommended to approach technicians that are iPad repair specialists

We handle many iPad designs, and you are invited to contact us if you have any questions about having your device repaired

How is iPad repair price set

2 factors that determine the price of an iPad repair

a. The type of the certain malfunction and the amount of technician hours it may take to repair such a malfunction

b. Costs of spare parts

Agas Nagus lab will take your device for an initial free inspection, to provide you with the most precise quote for you. Contact us.