Apple computers repair lab

Agas Nagus – Apple computers repair lab

A repair lab located in Petach-Tikva that specializes in repairing Apple's computers and working stations

  •         Immediate and free inspection
  •         Countrywide pick up and courier services
  •         Discounts for students and associations

Apple computers repair

Apple's computers are that first choice for many professionals such as designers and programmers, as well as for technology enthusiasts. These computers got high performances ranks and have many fans that appreciate the convenient interface and pleasant graphics. Moreover, Apple computers can easily synchronize with other Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad, which makes usage very easy for those who already own these devices.

The thing is, that even the computers of a well-known, big, reliable, and advanced company such as Apple, may disfunction. In such cases, it is important that the lab that performs the repair, will have professional and skilled Mac technicians and will know how to handle Apple computers' special features.

:Get your Apple computer repaired. This is how it works

(1  Contact

Call us at 058-687-9850 or fill in this contact form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. During the call, you will describe the malfunction and will get free on-line consultation.

(2   Coordinate bringing your computer to our lab

We will coordinate picking up your computer from home or office. You may also bring your computer to our lab.

Agas Nagus lab has countrywide courier services, which enable us to provide services all over the country and there is no need to come to the lab to get the computer repaired.

(3   Diagnosis

Checking and diagnosing the malfunction, providing a detailed diagnosis report and a repair quote. A repair that will be performed by an Apple's skilled and professional technician team.

(4   Troubleshooting – tracing and repairing the malfunction

We repair your device, inform you that the repair is done, and coordinate delivery or collection of your device as soon as the repair is paid.

What it takes to professionally repair Apple computers

There are some requirements that should be complied, in order to repair Apple computers professionally and efficiently. All the features of the company's computers should be well known. It is also important to have the ability to identify common malfunctions with all designs. As to the Technical aspect, there is a need for special equipment as well as knowledge.  

Not many people are aware of the fact that even the screws are different between Apple computers and other PCs.

As to Apple owners, it is important to make sure that those who provide the repair warranty, also know what is special about Apple's products.

Apple computers are repaired at Agas Nagus Ltd

Agas Nagus Ltd lab, is exactly what you were waiting for. If you always wanted to have someone you can trust with repairing your Apple computer, you are at the right place at the right time. 

We offer countrywide courier services and initial free inspection. Furthermore, Agas Nagus is a lab that performs all repairs in-house without any outsourcing services.

We are one-stop-shop for all repairs and invite you to join the long list of our satisfied customers. Contacting us will enable you to schedule any repair, both complicated such as motherboard replacement as well as any component's repair. If any malfunction occurred with your Apple computer, we are here for you.

Most common Apple computers' malfunctions

When it comes to Apple computers' repair, it is more likely to find efficient and cost-effective solutions when the technicians are familiar and daily handle these malfunctions.

We provide the following services, and many others:

  •         Replacing Apple computer's screen
  •         Replacing Apple computer's battery
  •         Replacing keyboard
  •         Repairing motherboard

Warranty for the repair of your Apple computer

Agas Nagus is a professional Apple computers' repair lab that provides 3-12 months warranty, according to the component or service. A longer period warranty can be purchased.

The repair warranty is crucial for the client's experience. In cases of countrywide courier services to client's home or office, the warranty is just the missing part of the whole experience, to feel safe when depositing your Apple computer with the professionals.

.A new home to take care of your Apple computer – Agas Nagus Ltd

Agas Nagus Ltd guarantees to provide you with the top notch of the professionals. Thanks to an exceptional combination of professionalism and experience, we can fast and efficiently resolve your computer's problem.

Students can contact us for special offers and discounts that we offer some additional target audiences.

In addition, when performing the repair is approved, after free diagnosis, we will pick it up, for free, even from northern and southern distant areas.

We handle all common malfunctions and are familiar with all Apple's requirements. If it is important to you that only a skilled person will perform Apple computer repair, we will be delighted to be at your service. Contact us today.